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Pasta Cooking Class in the countryside between Modena and Bologna

Let’s have fun with flour, eggs and rolling pin.
Nice to meet you, we are Monica and Barbara, founders of Try and Taste an Authentic pasta cooking class.
We organize rolling pin pasta courses for all who wish to learn about the ancient traditions and cooking secrets of Emilia Romagna, the northern Italy region.
Our purpose is to promote and give value to the genuineness of our culinary tradition, in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.
We proudly like to think that visitors from abroad can be part of our most important aim:
keeping handmade pasta tradition alive by passing it on and creating some special moments with our guests.
We grew up in a typical Bolognese family… do you want to know what does it mean?
At 6 in the morning the “AZDORA”, the house queen, our grandmother, had already put on her apron and put two large pots on the fire.
One for the Bolognese ragù and the other for the
meat broth.
Lasagne, tagliatelle, ravioli, and tortellini were always present on the tables of our childhood,
precious memories that we love to remember.
Yes, because the sound of the rolling pin gliding on the wooden board was the alarm clock that reminded us it was time to get out of bed.
Every weekend, delicious smells and comforting aromas guided us, with our sleepy eyes, in the kitchen.
And here the magic happened: kilometers of “sfoglia” rolled on grandma’s rolling pin … expert hands and skilled gestures made it rotate in every direction with skill and precision.
Here it is a round, thin, and very large “sfoglia”, a bright yellow circle, like the sun, that was ready to be cut in different pasta shapes.
Today we are the keepers of those precious memories, happy and honored to be able to share our culinary tradition with all the people who come from all over the world, lovers and foodies of healthy handmade food.
If you are looking for a culinary experience and would like to try Modena and Bologna traditional cooking secrets, well, this is the right place. We’ll accompany you, step by step, in the various stages of production. From mixing flour and eggs, to cutting different shapes of pasta. We’ll show you how to cook and we’ll eat together our masterpieces, paired with local wines.
Where are we? Inside wine cellars in a truly special landscape context or on the hills among
vines and fruit trees, where wonderful medieval villages, small churches, and imposing
fortresses appear. In our territory where a luxuriant nature is colored with brilliant tones
according to the season.
Who’s better than a LOCAL can teach you and enable you to enjoy the culinary tradition of our area?
All the experiences are perfect for your group of friends or colleagues; your family or loved one to celebrate an anniversary or birthday party, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a team- building.
Make your day special by celebrating with us.
FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR COOKING CLASS, please visit – www.tryandtaste.it

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