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How to make Sicilian Arancini

How to make Sicilian Arancini, recipe by Santy


Rice Ingredients:

2 liters of water

a kilo of arborio rice

a saffron sachet

a little nutmeg




Cook the rice with all the ingredients.

As soon as the rice is ready, let it cool in a  pan.


Ingredients of ragout :

2 carrots

1 onion

1 celery

400g peas

Olive oil

1 kg minced meat

200 ml of wine

700 ml tomato sauce

Salt, pepper

For the various toppings, use ham and mozzarella cheese or salmon, mozzarella cheese and pistachio.



The ragout  is prepared a day ahead.

Cut the carrots, onion and celery, add minced meat, peas, and cook with olive oil, blend with a little wine.

Add the peas and tomato sauce, with 3 glasses of water, then put salt, pepper.

Must cook until reduced.

As soon as it’s cold, I form the condiment balls.

Form the arancini by wetting your hands with water, put the sauce and close the arancini.

After doing all of them,

make a batter of water and flour, dip them in the batter and then in the breadcrumbs.

Fry in hot peanut oil.


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