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Hello again friends of Buongiorno Italians. This time we dedicate this article to the most typical sweet of the Carnival celebrations in Italy: “le chiacchiere”.


Does this name mean anything to you? Maybe you know it by some other name because every region has different names to call this succulent sweet, for example: “bugie” in Piemonte, “crostoli” in Veneto, “frappe” in Lazio, “intrigoni” in Emilia Romagna, etc.

According to some historians this sweet is very ancient and has its origin in Roman times. These sweets were made during the Saturnali festivities, which coincides today with the Carnival period.

The recipe for making chiacchere is very simple and we are sure that you can make it at home:


Ingredients for 4 pax:

– 350 gr flour

– 50 gr sugar

– 30 gr butter

– 1 egg + 2 yolk

– 1 sachet vanillin sugar

– 3 tablespoons white wine or grappa liquor

– olive oil

– powdered sugar



  1. Knead all the ingredients until you have a well-blended, lump-free dough, after which you let it rest for half an hour wrapped in plastic wrap.
  2. Roll out the dough into a thin layer and cut it into strips. Use a pastry wheel to cut the edges.
  3. In a frying pan we put a good layer of oil to do the frying. Heat the oil to ideally 130-140°.
  4. Put a few chiacchiere at a time to fry in the oil; it will only take a couple of minutes to be ready.
  5. Finally, let’s arrange them on a sheet of paper towels, passing them one by one with powdered sugar.

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