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Autumn: Chestnut season in Italy

We are at the beginning of November; the markets of all of Italy begin to fill with the characteristic aromas of autumn. What better plan for a cold afternoon than to eat some good chestnuts accompanied by a wine and in front of the fireplace?
Today at Buongiorno Italians, we will talk about those delicious fruits that inaugurate the beginning of the cold season. Chestnuts are food that for centuries has starved entire populations in difficult times. The chestnut tree was introduced from Asia Minor to Europe, where it quickly adapted in mountainous areas of the Mediterranean.
Thus, the consumption of chestnuts has great relevance, especially in Calabrian and Campanian gastronomy. These regions are the leaders in terms of production of this fruit at the national level.
The “caldarroste”
Italians often use the term “caldarroste” to refer to roasted or baked chestnuts. From North to South, various festivals and events dedicated to chestnuts are organized in Italy between October and November. The local producers offer to theirs visitors many different ways of preparing this tasty autumn fruit: boiled and dried chestnuts, the greedy marron glacé, chestnut honey, spreadable chestnut cream, the traditional “castagnaccio” (a typical cake) and many sweets, from biscuits to cakes.
If you come to Italy during this period, we recommend you do not miss one of the many chestnut festivals!

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