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Pasta of the day: “Spaghetti alla Chitarra”

Serves 4 people:
 400 gr. of durum wheat semolina
 4 medium eggs
 pinch of salt
 Pour semolina on a fountain board
 create a hollow center
 break eggs inside the hollow center
 add salt
 Start kneading, first with a fork and then with your hands, until you get a homogeneous and
smooth dough, it takes about 15/20 minutes.
 Wrap the dough in cling film & let it rest for about 30 minutes.
 Flour the work surface & roll out the dough with sheeter or with rolling pin, 2/3 mm thick.
 Cut the dough into wide strips a little narrower than the Chitarra cutter and let dry for a few
 Spread a little semolina over the dough, place it on the chitarra cutter at least 5/6 cm below the
edge top and go over it with a rolling pin, first gently then swipe vigorously.
 “Play” the guitar, collect the pasta, and make nests.
To see how the chitarra cutter is used to make spaghetti go to YouTube Buongiorno Italians and click
on the video Spaghetti alla Chitarra.
– Spaghetti alla chitarra is a type of pasta typical of the Abruzzo region characterized by very thick dough with a square shape. They get their name thanks to the tool used for the cutting of the dough, or the “guitar”.
– Their rough and porous surface can enhance all types of seasoning from game, fish, vegetables or the more traditional with meat sauce made of beef, lamb, and pork or with ragù di pallottine (sauce with  meatballs).

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