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Venice: 5 places to drink spritz!

Aperol 60ml, prosecco 90ml, soda to taste, half a slice of orange and ice, is the perfect Spritz recipe.
We will immerse ourselves in the streets between old cafes and trendy bars in which to have a good Spritz. The famous cocktail was born in the early 1800s during the Austrian domination in northern Italy. In these parts, it can cost from 2.50 to 14.00 euros depending on the location.
Today we are in Venice, the elegant, precious, and inimitable Venetian city.
Our tour starts from the two large columns of San Marco and San Todaro that lead to the famous Piazza San Marco, where the wonderful Basilica of San Marco shines.
The symbol of Venice is undoubtedly the gondola, a typical eleven-meter-long boat. The oar, made of beech wood, has the fundamental role of the rudder. Grand Canal is the main waterway that crosses the city and navigating it by gondola you can see the Rialto Bridge . The oldest of the four bridges along this canal; imposing and majestic, its construction was completed in 1591 and consists of a single arch of over 28 meters.
Let’s go back to our beloved Aperol Spritz, here is a list of the 5 most interesting places where
you can taste it:
1) Time Social Bar, Cannaregio1414, Venice: Small and comfortable environment. Wood and steel are the materials that dominate, recreating a space where time stopped a few decades ago.
2) Skyline Rooftop Bar, Giudecca 810, Venice: Enjoy the view of Venice and the Giudecca Canal while relaxing in this pool bar on the eighth floor of the Hilton Molino Stucky.
3) Caffè Florian, Piazza San Marco 57, Venice: Grand 18th century bar with neo-baroque and modern artworks, a triumph of stucco, velvet, and gold leaf decorations.
4) Combo, Ex Convento dei Crociferi, Campo dei Gesuiti, Cannaregio, 4878, Venice: Campo dei Gesuiti is one of the least known places in Venice. Here the spritz ritual is enriched with pleasant outdoor cinema evenings. An excellent drink and the opportunity to use the hostel rooms.
5) Al Mercà, Campo Bella Vienna, 213, Venice: The Spritz del Mercà accompanies a series of delicious micro sandwiches filled with cured meats, cheeses, and special codfish. The price is also very interesting: 2.50 euros for the Spritz, 1.50 for the sandwiches.
Venice is rich in history, charm, ancient traditions, culture, and art. It is one of a kind and its beauty is inimitable, do not forget to visit it by tasting the King of cocktails: the Spritz.

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