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Say cheese, say Burrata!

On this page you will find articles dedicated to Italian cheeses, soft, aged, stringy & much more!  There are 487 different varieties of cheeses that are recognized in Italy.

Burrata comes from Puglia, let’s discover it together!

It is a stretched curd cheese, consisting of an outer part made of mozzarella and filled with fresh cream & frayed mozzarella. Intense flavor and valued taste, burrata is a cheese that lends itself well to be consumed in purity, but also finds great success with pasta, pizza & more elaborate main courses.

It was 1930 when there was a heavy snowfall in the Castel del Monte area, in Puglia. Lorenzo Bianchino, master cheese maker of the Piana Padula farm, was isolated for a few days. Not being able to deliver the milk, he thought of creating a container with the mozzarella paste and putting the cream that naturally emerged from the milk inside. It was immediately successful. Burrata today is appreciated by great local & international chefs. And what about you, have you tried it?


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Lauren 10 Marzo 2021 at 18:40

Burrata is also produced in the United States, particularly in artisanal cheese shops in cities on the East Coast with historically large populations of Italian Americans. ciao ciao


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