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Best Italian Singers of the 60’s


The fabulous sixties!! Those who have lived them miss them, but many young people can live them today through immortal songs. The function of the music of those years reflected the ferment of renewal that desire in young people to decide for themselves how to build their own future.
There was also the phenomenon of long hair harshly criticized by the “well thought out”. Many singers experience this change and that is why we see Celentano with his first ecological protest. Bobby Solo wrote an article about Bob Dylan, leader of the American musical protest.

Love and peace after war

In these years the Vietnamese war is lived and it is felt through the song “C’era un ragazzo che come me” by Gianni Morandi. What about the revolution brought about in music by the most loved and followed international musical bands like The Beatles & Rolling Stones who have inspired in Italy some musical groups like Equipe 84 and I Nomadi and many others? Precisely the Nomadi’s vocalist Augusto Daolio can be considered the first protagonist of the 1966 student movement because he embodied the deepest aspect of a generation of young people who for the first time wanted to tell and decide for their destiny. Furthermore, in the wake of these great singers we find equally other great names. How can we forget Lucio Battisti, who with his songs gave a decisive turning point to Italian pop/rock by revolutionizing the traditional and melodic song and again Guccini, Venditti, De Gregori.
We can reflect on how much the great Mina excites us with her splendid voice, sometimes lent to songs paired with the giant Celentano. The music does not stop, it goes on renewing our thinking and always moving us on the sensitive notes it expresses.





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