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Fashion Made in Italy

Who among us has never dreamed of wearing an important dress or suit designed by great designers? So let’s work with our imagination. We will talk about fashion by imagining doing it while we look in the mirror with a fabulous dress or suit designed by Valentino, why not?

Before the sixties we know that it was the French who dictated fashion trends. From the first half of the sixties, however, we went from Dior and
Jacques Fath to our Valentino. He is considered since then “the king of Italian fashion”.
It is Valentino who, starting from a fashion house in Via Condotti in Rome, has come to create clothes for great women. Jacqueline Kennedy,
Elizabeth Taylor and other great celebrities and political figures.
Our Italy has still advanced in the field of fashion, producing big names beyond Valentino. We remember among these, the fashion houses of
Gucci, Fendi, Moschino, Prada, Cavalli, Versace, Biagiotti and many other
names that give prestige to our nation. The unmistakable elegance, the preciousness of the fabrics, high quality, the creativity and innovation of our stylists have ensured that the Italian style has obtained and continues to have precious recognition throughout the world.


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