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My experience on Instagram in recent years, has allowed me to meet many Italians around the world. Some of them maintain a strong bond with Italy & can be recognized in what they eat and in their trips to Italy in search of their origins. I too have a family history who emigrated in search of fortune, so I felt the need to create a platform dedicated to Italians and their descendants. Also to all those who love Italy and want to
know it better.
Before creating this blog, I asked myself: Where are the Italians in the world?
I did some research and here we are, you are there too!

The Italian presence in the world is confirmed above all in Europe where 3 million Italians live, especially in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, in North America there are 2.2 million Italians distributed between the United States and Canada. Central and South America sees a presence of over 1.7 million Italians. Argentina and Brazil are in the lead, followed by Venezuela, Uruguay and Chile. Finally, with a population of 160,000 Italians we find Oceania and under 75,000 in Asia and Africa.
This blog has the ambition to create a community of Italians in the world. To make known the Italian culture, language and traditions to all lovers of Italy by suggesting magnificent places to visit.
Are you ready? The journey begins!

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Alberto 10 Marzo 2021 at 18:53

Así es, hay muchos descendientes de Italianos en Argentina que soñamos ahora en regresar a la tierra de nuestros abuelos y sentimos mucha nostalgia aún. Ojalá algún día yo pueda ir a visitar Sicilia tierra de mis nonnos!


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