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Granita breakfast in Taormina

When you visit Italy, there are two mandatory and essential items on the agenda. Eating a pizza & an ice cream. The Italian ice cream, like pizza, is one of the main ambassadors of Italian gluttony around the world, not only for its taste, but for its excellent quality. However, throughout Italy, Sicilian ice creams are very famous.

What is a granita?

If life smiles on you and you are on the island, you should add “granita” to your essentials list. The granita a kind of liquid and semi-frozen ice cream. It’s prepared with sugar, water and various traditional flavors such as coffee, almonds and lemon, ricotta, figs and pistacchio.  There are other more exotic flavors, such as pineapple, strawberry, jasmine or mint. Do not forget that the choice of flavors obviously depends on the season of the year in which you are going to visit Taormina.

On hot summer mornings, it is usual to go to the bar for breakfast to have a granita tucked into a brioche, as if it were a sandwich. Although, of course, being in the land of ice creams, it is not uncommon to ask for a granita at the bar in autumn or winter. There will always be a granita waiting to be eaten at every corner of this magnificent coastal city.
According to Tripadvisor, the best places to eat a granita in Taormina are: the Bam Bar (Via di Giovanni 45), Etna Pasticceria (Corso Umberto 112) and Bar Luraleo (Piazza Sant Antonio). In these places, you will find not only the best granita in the whole city, but also a warm welcome from the owners.
As you can see, ordering a granita implies a series of decisions. Firstly that begin with the bar in which we are going to buy it. Secondly the flavor that we are going to choose. Thirdly, it continues with deciding whether to add panna or not and finally you must decide to eat your granita accompanied by a brioche or not. Life is complicated in Taormina, right?

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Alessandra Lauria 13 Marzo 2021 at 10:53

As Sicilian, every day, for 3 months, that’s was my breakfast… and I was waiting for Vincenzo with “a lapuzza” to bring me a fresh one every single morning. It was literally my alarm – time I had to wake up before going to the beach.


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